Floral Design Team

Janna Avery
Owner/Principle Designer

Known by many as ‘The Flower Girl,’ one of my greatest passions in life is simply, flowers! Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I was fortunate to live in an environment that allowed me to spend time outdoors taking in the natural beauty that surrounds the region. Adding to this love for the outdoors, were the many days spent in the fields of a family owned wildflower nursery. Spending time with the native flowers of North Carolina allowed me the luxury of learning the fundamentals of horticulture and instill a love for all things natural at a very early age. 

Fast forward a few years... following a two year apprenticeship under Peggy, the very talented floral designer for the Eseeola Lodge in Linville, North Carolina; I was offered the position following her retirement. Accepting the role as Floral Designer for the resort has opened many doors and presented many wonderful opportunities to meet an array of artists. Spending time with these talented individuals has helped develop and hone my unique style. Also this position has given the good fortune of continuing my education among travels to many wonderful locations including,  Belgium and the Netherlands. I owe a great deal to the designers who opened their hearts and studios along the way. Many of the techniques which they shared are present in each of my arrangements to this day. 

I personally want to thank you for considering Callista Designs for your next wedding or event. I look forward to working with each client to not only create a beautiful and memorable event but also build a friendship. The world of flowers is a friendly community surrounding one common interest, "Beauty." My team and I look forward to creating beauty with you!  


Kristi Turbyfill

Like many floral designers, I owe this love of flowers to my wonderful grandmother. From an early age, my summers were spent with her at art shows and in the flower shop where she worked as a bookkeeper. We played with the flowers that couldn't be sold and created beautiful displays with various pieces of local pottery.....did I mention I have a love for pottery too?!?

I love the North Carolina mountains and have been fortunate to call them home for life. The beauty of the natural landscapes and changing seasons have so much to offer this long time flower gal.

In addition to a love for beautiful flowers, family remains my number one inspiration. My wonderfully patient husband and I love to tackle remodel in our mountain cottage where we live with our three awesome kiddos and two goofy pups. 


Scottie Gilbert

I grew up with my hands in the dirt, my family being a long line of talented gardeners and green thumbs, but it wasn’t until I moved to the high country for school that I began to appreciate the seasons and start a garden of my own. Since then, my curiosity and awe of the plant world has flourished. In the past few years I have traveled far and wide, to farms throughout the US and Europe, to learn more about growing food and flowers.

As for my design journey, I owe it to Janna, owner of Callista Designs, for taking me under her wing and teaching me her immense knowledge of floral design. I feel very lucky and excited to work in such a fun occupation and beautiful environment.

The Boone area has been my home for eight years and I am happy with the many activities it has to offer. When I’m not in the flower shop or my garden, you might find me hiking, baking, or taking a yoga class.

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