Our belief is that beauty is unique to every individual.

As designers, it is our job to capture the ‘unique beauty” for each client and fuse it with our creativity to produce the perfect event for that person. We design floral arrangements for events across the southeast from intimate weddings to galas thrown by Fortune 500 companies. 



Boutique BouquetS

A complete array of unique bouquets. Taylor made for your special day.


Vested on the chest of the best dressed wedding guests.

Celebratory FLORALS

Settings lined with fine design, each observed while served with wine. 

Nature is the blueprint for our designs.


Nature is the inspiration and the blueprint for our designs. Seeing naturally occurring elements in beautiful landscapes, forests, meadow, etc; is inspiring in so many ways. We enjoy incorporating many textures, colors, and elements from nature into the designs hopefully creating a floral canvas that will touch each admirers’ heart. We draw inspiration from the flowers themselves. When creating arrangements, we follow the flowers. The first stems are placed and we build from there.

I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for ‘most beautiful’ flowers with you!
— Janna Avery